Mohan Mava

A Realistic Painting Artist

About Me

Mohan Mava is an Indian youth painter of the modern age. He is a realistic artist. He started painting since childhood and grew up his hobby as his profession. His whole life was dedicated to art, he used to master the portraits and paintings. It was said that he can create more than 10 sketches in 1 minute. He is a good artist, but together he has done some good films too. 
He has created a number of small and big paintings, which he has displayed in the big cities through a painting exhibition. He has also been honored with several major awards.


I'm a full-time paintings portrait artist, Painting and Drawing Custom Portraits of Celebrities, Politicians, any many Business Man.

Graffiti Work

We Do any Type of Graffiti Work or Others Art Work like Graffiti Painting , Wall Art Installation and Interior Designing.

Story Board & Illustration

We do all type of Digital Illustration and Story Board Works Like Film , Cinemagraph , Comic Books, and Digital Paintings

Who we've worked with

What clients say

Working with mohan sir was one phase of my life where i got to learn so much from him that it still is helping me out. He has learnt about art n paintings through his experiences and that shows in the kind of art work he does. An amazing teacher and a very versatile artist.
Pratichee Verma

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